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March 2016



Insurance for farmers and homes: an introduction

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Home - Insurance for farmers and homes: an introduction

An Introduction to Insurance for Farmers and Homes

When you rent a home, your landlord is responsible for fixing a leaky sink, replacing the broken dishwasher, or getting your heat working again. The cost of home insurance can be too much for  farmers renters but with little as $20 a month you can get complete coverage.

For example; if you weren’t home and there’s a fire upstairs and your wardrobe is damaged by the fire, home insurance can cover that. Also,  if someone breaks into your place and takes a tablet or a TV home insurance can help you replace your stuff and even cover your property.

If you spill water or beverage on your floor and  your friend slips and injures himself, home insurance can help you pay the medical fees. The home insurance also takes care of you if your place is severely damaged and you need to find somewhere else to live by covering some of your additional living costs.

It is important to  take inventory of  everything to  find a renter’s coverage limit that work for you then talk to the farmers or request a quote today.

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