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March 2016



Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Explained: Benefits and Costs

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Types - Comprehensive insurance coverage explained: Benefits and Costs

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Explained: Benefits and Costs

A comprehensive cover is one of the best levels of protection you can get for your Vehicle. Fire, theft, third party and third party only cover the damage you have caused to others when the accident is deemed your fault. Any damage that occurs to your car is your own problem. A comprehensive cover takes care of the damage to your car as well.


With a comprehensive car insurance, you can make a claim from your insurance company for accidents that you have causedThis also applies when the fault cannot be proven, for example if you find that your car has been hit and the person responsible has driven off. A comprehensive cover takes care of repairs and  if your car is written off , you get a brand new car.


When choosing a comprehensive cover, it is advisable to compare costs with other policies. You may find that a comprehensive cover works out as a cheaper option.

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