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April 2016



Introducing health insurance and welfare: a guide

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Introducing Health Insurance and Welfare

It is not cheap  or easy to find a doctor to call your own or to obtain treatment for illness or injury. In short, health insurance is vital to the health and welfare of each and everyone of us. Consider this, according to a study by Harvard Mall, nearly half of all Americans file for bankruptcy.  They do so because of medical expenses yet three quarters of the people who filed for bankruptcy actually had health insurance, so, why did they falling into such dire financial straits? They received big bills because of high premiums payments and gaps in coverage. Just having health insurance isn’t enough anymore, choosing the right coverage at the right price is what makes the difference.

Many people however have no idea of how to shop for health insurance; making the wrong decision at the beginning can be expensive. According to the Kaiser family foundation, the average annual cost for a family plan is about the same as the annual salary of someone working full time for minimum wage. Yet, making the wrong decision by trying to save too much money on premium can be even more costly on the back-end. When you’re buying coverage on your own, it’s like you’re walking through a mine field. In order to understand the fine print, you would need a lawyer sitting next to you; to explain to you what everything means.

In short, your health insurance independent agent can provide you with a choice among many different providers and can fully explain to you the various options. Don’t try to handle your insurance needs without a health insurance independent agent that you trust. Insurance needs and laws or complex coverage varies wildly from company to company, laws are vastly different from state to state and your independent agent knows the laws and companies that can provide coverage options. The agent could help you match what you can afford to pay with a prudent insurance plan.

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