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March 2016



Car Insurance Tips for Business and Agents

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Tips - Car Insurance Tips for Business and Agents

Insurance Review for Farmers

You know better than anyone how quickly life can change and when it does, the first thing on your mind  is probably your insurance. Whether you’re an existing customer or just looking for new insurance some times it is good to look at how different life is from the time you last updated your comfort. Maybe you got a new car and moved to a new home, got a new job or you plan to retire soon, gotten married, had a  baby or you are trying to get another. These changes require drastic measures.

Before you plan to renew your policy, call your farmers agent to schedule what we call a farmer’s friendly review to get a clear view of the coverage you have and the coverage you want. During your farmers friendly review you and your agent can check in and see if your insurance policies require changes in your life and discuss how they might affect your coverage.

Discuss the updates and changes that you want to make to your existing house and the best part about it it’s totally free and easy. Whether you’re already a valued customer or just shopping around, the farmers friendly review will help you make sure you have coverage that continues to adapt to your changing lifestyle. Call your agent to schedule a farmers friendly review today

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