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March 2016



Car Accident Insurance Coverage, Claim, Process and Costs

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Faq - Car Accident Insurance Coverage

Car Accident Insurance Coverage, Claim, Process and Costs

This is your recognized insurance expert. Today, we will talk about the procedures that you should be thinking about in the event that you are in an accident.

  • Regardless of who’s at fault it is important that you exchange your insurance information with the other person.  This doesn’t mean that you’re admitting fault in any way but what you really want is the auto insurance people to talk to the other person.
  • To do that,it’s really  important to exchange auto insurance cards and any information that you need. Also, take as many photos as possible because it’s the best way  you can let your insurance company  or even the other insurance company know how the scene looked like.
  • While you’re at the scene, call the emergency phone number that is on your insurance auto ID card. Calling that number is free, so the most important thing is to exchange auto insurance information to contact your insurance agency. 

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