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March 2016



Car Accident Insurance Claim: Learning how to Negotiate

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Faq - Car Accident Insurance Claim: Learning how to Negotiate

Car Accident Insurance Claim: Learning how to Negotiate

Television commercials and insurance companies are all over the place talking about their coverages; if you’re new to buying insurance this might be very important for you, however, even if you been playing car insurance for years an explanation of what the term coverage really means might be important to you so I started to talk about liability.

Liability coverage means that if you are a responsible negligent, you’re responsible for somebody else getting hurt or property being damaged, for instance the other car. The coverage is the amount of money available from the insurance company to the other person; often times you’ll see something called split limits which means I’ll pay hundred thousand dollars per person that’s been hurt or $300,000 for everybody who was in the car.

This coverage can be very complex and I highly  recommend that you spend time with your insurance agent talking about what it means and how much you should have covered. Other coverages may include something like comprehensive and collision; this coverage applies to your vehicles.

Comprehensive deductibles are usually lower and less expensive than collisions because collisions cause larger amounts of damage and it cost more to fix.  So when you hear the term coverage in that situation,  you’re talking about deductible.

Finally uninsured motorist is very similar to your liability. In a nutshell, coverage really means money again.

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