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March 2016



Should you buy rental car insurance? NO! Find Out Why

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rental car insurance

Here’s why you shouldn’t buy rental car insurance

Today I’ve got a fun topic, one of my favorites: it is how to buy rental car insurance.

This may be one of the most asked questions I have come across on a personal insurance level. 

I hear it all the time: “I’m going on vacation get a rental car how does that work for me what should I do and how can I get a cheap car insurance for rental cars?” 

Here is my answer:

Usually your insurance will say that your personal insurance is going to cover a large part of your rental car situation, so in another words the liability coverage you have can be transfered over to that rented vehicle.

I highly recommend that you do not purchase liability insurance on rental vehicles, because your insurance without deductible on liability carries completely over.

Just make sure that you have your insurance card and your insurance information to show to the round car company when you’re there and bring it with you at all times, and you’ll be good to go.

Again, that’s the liability part, it only has coverage on all vehicles you are driving. There are rentals without liability coverage, I can’t emphasize that enough.

Today issue comes in with comprehensive and collision casr insurance, often called physical damage.

So when you’re looking down that rental form and you see physical damage now is where you want to start paying attention to your car insurance.

This is where I recommend you do by Insurance from that as an in and out what’s called a comprehensive situation from the rental car company.

Here’s why you do not have to deal with any deductibles in that situation.

I would go with your personal insurance even though it does carry over rental cars. You might have a deductible, and when you’re on vacation back can become an issue there are other problems to deal with that the rental company.

First is loss of use. If you get that vehicle damaged and it’s your fault and they can’t use it, they can actually combat against you for the days that they didn’t have views.

Go think if you get too into an accident and it caused extensive damage and they can’t use that vehicle for a week while skating fixed they may be able to come back after you under loss of views.

The other problem is something called the diminution in value. It’s hard to say but here’s what it is: maybe you have a brand-new vehicle you’re renting, I mean it’s right off the lot has 3 miles on it the man in it gets damaged at all the sudden wife is old on it and what the value is has changed.

In this case their friends can come back on you when you sign off get their full comprehensive coverage on physical damage that saves you from all that.

You couldn’t drive a car with full confidence that you can just return it to where it was any scratch.

Getting anything worth the the the cost and that’s well worth the investment you can drive that car knowing with full peace of mind hey you don’t have any worries.

So again I want to review what I just said liability coverage protects you, don’t buy coverage and insurance when you are renting a car.

Bring your auto ID card and the information from your policy, keep it with you at all times but do you buy your full comprehensive physical damage.

In the end it will be money well spent.

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