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March 2016



Full Coverage Insurance for your Car: Benefit and Details

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Types - Full Coverage Insurance for your Car: Benefit and Details

Full Coverage Insurance for your Car: Benefit and Details

Lets talk about full coverage insurance for your car.

People always ask, how will insurance pay if I’m involved in an accident? I’ve got full coverage, what does that really mean?

Here is what it means, if your fall in an accident the insurance company is going to pay the other person for their loss.  If they’ve had damage to their car, their body the insurance company pays first dollar to the people that were either injured or had property damaged.

Now on your own vehicle work,  full coverage means its comprehensive. The insurance company is going to pay for damage to you are car  like glass breakage.

The lower the deductible the lower your insurance cost but you are taking much higher risks. If you cannot afford to pay a little bit more for comprehensive and collision then your insurance premium is lower but they will pay that directly to you and subtract out what your deductible is.  If you’ve been involved in an accident say and you have $1500 damage to your vehicle with a $500 dollar collision deductible, you’ll get a check for $1000 to pay off the damage to that vehicle so that’s what full coverage is.

In addition you may have something called uninsured motorist, this is very important because it covers you for the uninsured motorist. If you are in an accident and let’s say you are rear-ended by somebody who doesn’t have insurance or hasn’t have enough insurance this is where your policy picks up and pays first dollar. 

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