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March 2016



How Does Car Insurance Work

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Here’s how car insurance works for dummies

We are with an America’s top insurance lawyer, and today we’re going to talk about how does auto insurance work .

Since every state has auto insurance coverage requirements that require some type of car insurance or proof of financial responsibility, it’s a great idea to get familiar with what your state minimum requirements are.

Your insurance rate is going to be based on a variety of factors including your age, gender, location and where your vehicle is parked or stored.

The make model and safety features of your car insurance companies always going to look at your driving record, your credit score, and they are going to check also how timely you are and how often and how far you drive.

A collision pays for the damages to our own car when we get the rack comprehensive piece for the loss or damage to the vehicle if we’re not involved in an accident, for example we’ve got fire damage wind flood vandalism or theft or we come out we look at our windshield.

We got that darn rock spot in there and we need to get the windshield replaced that’s comprehensive and the medical coverage pays medical expenses regardless of fault.

If you live in a personal injury protection or you state that insurance is going to pay the medical expenses for the insured driver regardless of fault.

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