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March 2016



Car Insurance Coverage Types and the Ones you Need

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Types - Car insurance coverage types and which one you need

Car Insurance Coverage Types and the Ones you Need

When people use the term “full coverage”, they often mean a combination of various types of coverage.

Don’t worry there’s plenty of auto insurance options that exist to help protect you and we are going to cover them right here.

Accident liability coverage is designed to cover injuries and damages in the event you cause an accident or damage to property. Liability is usually billed from two components; body injury and property damage. Body injury liability coverage helps protect you if you are responsible for an accident that hurts another person. Body injury liability can help you pay for the other person’s medical bills, compensation for loss of income, and emergency aid in an accident scene as well as your legal bills if that person sues you.

Two limits exist within bodily injury coverage per person and per accident, for example, within a policy you might see a $50,000 maximum payment per person and a $100,000 maximum payment per accident. Then there is property damage and liability coverage for damages caused to someone else’s property but not your own. If you hit someone else’s car for instance or 182 their house or storefront, property damage liability coverage can help pay for structural damages, repair or replacement costs.  If the covered accident results in a lawsuit on your policy, there are accident and property damage limits. It’s a good idea to make sure you carry enough liability coverage to protect yourself.

What about your car if you’ve caused an accident? Collision coverage can help pay for your vehicle’s damage.

If your car is stolen or something falls on it, that’s where comprehensive coverage comes in.

What about when an insured driver rear ends your car? Uninsured Motorist Insurance or UIM coverage will help in that scenario.

Medical payments coverage or personal injury protection helps to pay for medical bills and other costs if someone gets hurt.

Worried about your new car getting totaled right after you buy it?  You’ll want to check out new car replacement coverage.

When your car is in the shop for repairs after you get into an accident, that’s when the rental car reimbursement coverage would be helpful.

If you’re looking to be fully protected, there’re even more optional coverages to choose from.

So to recap there’re several kinds of auto insurance coverage you can select including liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage,  uninsured and UIM coverage, medical payments coverage,  personal injury protection,  new car replacement coverage, and rental car reimbursement.

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