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March 2016



Tips on how to succeed in car insurance claims

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Tips on how to succeed in car insurance claims

Nobody wants to be involved in a car accident whether it’s your fault or whether somebody else’s fault, it’s always a chaotic and dramatic event. Here are some things to think about when you’re dealing with a car accident and a car insurance claim.

Number one, make sure that you have a current auto identification card in your car because you need to exchange that information. The card should also have your agents in front name information and phone numbers.

The second thing is  that no matter what happens, you really don’t want to tell the other person , “Jesus….it’s my fault”, be wise and don’t say it was my fault.  Your insurance company will handle it and do the adjusting of the claim and make sure of that so make sure everybody’s okay. Get all the information but don’t admit to something that may turn out to be  untrue.

Make sure to take pictures at the scene,  don’t care about how small the accident may seem to be from a little fender bender that happened in a parking lot or full on accident,  it is very important to take pictures. Take pictures of the car’s damage, take picture of skid marks, take pictures of everything that’s involved with the accident.  Your insurance company will love you because the more information they have the better and faster the claim will be processed.

The next thing that’s important is to call your insurance agent  as fast as you can. Call the number on your insurance card; this will probably reduce the amount of paperwork and work that you have to do later if you get that done immediately.

Finally when you get the paperwork, whether it’s yours or the other parties,  do it quickly. Things get blurry in your mind after a while’s so do the paperwork quickly. Be very quick and rapid in your response.

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