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March 2016



Lower Car Insurance Rates for Teenager: How to Secret Tips

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Tips - Lower car insurance rates for teenager: how to secret tips

Tips on how to get cheap teenagers car insurance

Hello friends! I am sure some of you have a teenage boy or a teenager girl and just bought them a car.

Once you go and get him / her a car insurance, you may notice that your policy can be a shock!

  • Boys have love, maybe you should consider having your son get an older car, so that you can comfortably put liability only.
  • One of the easiest things you could do for your teenage boy or girl is to share a vehicle with them. That is the easiest thing to do with teenage boys, because they’re again good to go with just their shared car.

“I want to drive” it’s what a teenager says, but if it’s a matter of affording insurance or having no car whatsoever. It is important to make sure that your son understands the importance of insurance.

How to get lower rates with teenager car insurance

As a dad who has two teenage drivers, I’m well aware of what cost can be for your insurance premium when you start adding teenage drivers.

Teenage drivers have the best reflexes than all of us. However they have lack of experience and this creates fear that an accident might happen.

This can really have an impact on your insurance. But there are ways for you and your teen to help you reduce the insurance premium.

The first and easily the most important is grades. Many insurance companies looks at your driving experience. One way to see if you’re driving responsibly is by looking at your grades. As far as insurance companies are concerned anything higher than three points means that your kids will get a significant reduction on that premium as much as 35%. The flip side is, if you have a student that has 3.0 or lower grade the insurance rates go up substantially.

I told my daughter that there were a lot to learn in driving  to have a 3.0 grade grade point average and get a good student discount. Am not telling you what to do with your kids but I’m telling you that the grades make a huge difference when it comes to teenage car insurance. 

Another simple way is to get your kids out driving with you. Taking drivers that aren’t good enough can be a disadvantage. Your teenage son or daughter needs to be calm behind the wheel.

They need to gain experience because what happens is that if they get into an accident early on whether it’s their fault or not red flags go flying all over the insurance company offices and your insurance premium is going to go up.

The best thing that I can tell you as far as reducing your teenage insurance premium is to make sure they have a good grade point average of higher than three.

Now am done with the time behind the wheel, here’s a bonus tip, make sure that you keep track of how many kids they have in the car. Peer pressure, we all went through it in those teenage years. The more people that they have in the car the greater the likelihood that they’re going to take a risk that could get them involved in a car accident or get them a ticket of some sort.

Lastly, the most important thing you want is to have them avoid anything that might potentially jeopardize your teenager car insurance altogether.

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